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Miharu is a platform for Indian Handicraft. It is a link between Indian Artisan and urban client. It is not an NGO. It is very much a business venture but that supports social cause. We partner with individual artisans, NGO’s and SHG’s to source , design and sell unique utility products with traditional crafts of Dokra, Baluchari & Woodwork. The aim being to present traditional handicraft products in contemporary style to urban clientele. In doing this Miharu is able to preserve traditional Indian Craft and provide livelihood to artisans. There is also a constant endeavour to educate customers about the products by sharing craft stories with them. Enabling an appreciation of time and effort that an artisan puts in creating each piece of craft.



Dhokra is an ancient craft practised by nomadic tribes who have since settled into parts of eastern India. The Dhokra system is one of the oldest form of metal casting and is technically known as ‘cire perdue’ or lost wax process .Today it features more as an exotic buy.

At MIHARU DESIGN STUDIO we work towards the revival, support, reinterpretation of this ancient art in the modern context – the work is clean and the objects are utilitarian that are suitable to urban clientele. We also customize products and design according to the needs of the clientele. Come and explore our work .


True representation of religious culture, the Baluchari sarees, are made of ancient textile of India. This particular type of sari originated in Bengal and is known for depictions of mythological scenes. Episodes from Ramayan and Mahabrarat are crafted on the pallus and borders. At MIHARU DESIGN STUDIO new range of innovative products have been designed in this traditional pure silk Baluchari weave from Bishnupur. BALUCHARI Motifs moves on from sarees to products like cushion covers, curtains, clutches, stoles ,dupattas, purses and photoframes. Bishnupur silk are woven on strange punch cards.  These are totally handloom based products, crafted by renowned and skilled craftsmen of the trade and redesigned into products suitable to urban clientele by us. We also customize products and design according to the needs of the clientele.

A few words about Miharu


Produces utilitarian goods (HOME DECOR PRODUCTS),through revival of handicrafts/hand-looms of India, by reinventing and redesigning them for urban clientele. We ensure that the roots of all our products lie in traditional Indian Arts . We also customize and design according to needs of the clientele.

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